Early years (1989-1992)

Jugg's Revenge (originally Jughead's Revenge) was formed in 1989 after Joe Doherty met Joe Rimicci and Brian Preiss at a COA band practice. We quickly recruited Kevin Heller and started the first line up. George Snow would join on second guitar shortly after.

After performing our first string of shows in 1989, we recorded our first album, 'Unstuck in Time', in the spring of 1990 with new drummer Nenus Givargus. Recorded in two days at Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood, the album was produced by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz and engineered by Donnell Cameron. It was limited to one thousand copies pressed on black twelve-inch vinyl. In the summer of 1990, went on our first U.S. tour with locals the Bad Samaritans. Next, we released a single with live and studio songs from 'Unstuck in Time'. 'Out of Beer, Out of Tune and Out of Control' was released in 1991. Limited to a pressing of five hundred on blue seven-inch vinyl it featured live songs recorded at 924 Gilman Street in Berkley, California on the previous tour. Also a live version of "Fabric of the Mind" was recorded for a split single with NOFX for Ox Fanzine in Germany.

Jugg's Revenge's second full-length, 'It's Lonely at the Bottom', was released in 1992. Recorded between tours at Westbeach Recorders (where the previous album was recorded), it was produced by Poison Idea's 'Thee Slayer Hippie' and engineered by Donnell Cameron. Originally a CD only release on Hard Records in the U.S., it was pressed on twelve-inch vinyl on Do It! Records in Germany. Then we went on our first tour of Europe in the spring of 1993. After this, George Snow would go on to play in the Bad Samaritans full-time.

BYO years (1993-1995)

After touring in support for 'It's Lonely at the Bottom', we went to work on our third full-length album, 'Elimination', which was released in 1994. Recorded in the winter of 1993 at Paramount Studios Hollywood by Barry Conley, 'Elimination' would be the first of our albums to be licensed to and distributed by BYO Records in order to be able to tour more, we licensed 'Unstuck...' and 'Lonely...' also. We recorded a alternate version of "Unlimited" for a split single with Strung Out to be released on Fearless Records. Following the release of 'Elimination', drummer Nenus Givargus left the band for personal reasons.

In 1994, we embarked on our first Canadian Tour supporting Face to Face. This was followed by '13 Kiddie Favorites', with our new drummer Jarrod Thornton. Recorded in 1995 at Paramount Studios and produced by Barry Conley, it was orginally meant as a European release on Do It! Records in Germany. One song, "49/61" was given to american label Liberation Records for the Punk Sucks compilation. Later, we licensed '13 Kiddie Favorites' to BYO in 1995 for US consumption. A video for "49/61" appeared on the Cinema Beer Goggles video compilation from Hopeless Records that same year. In 1996, we did a number of compilations that featured mostly covers of bands we all grew up listening to. Punk Rock Jukebox contains a version of "Hitman" from the Plasmatics, and Before You Were Punk features "Young Turks" by Rod Stewart. We also released a split single with Lagwagon in 1995 that contains a version of "Just to Get Away" from Poison Idea as well as recording a version of "Jerkin' Back and Forth" by Devo for the We Are NOT Devo tribute compilation, produced by Jim Goodwin. AND, last but not least, a version of Iron Maiden's 'the trooper' for the spandex experiment

Final years, lawsuit and breakup (1995-2001)

In 1995, we signed to Nitro Records and released our fourth album, 'Image Is Everything'. Produced by The Vandals' Warren Fitzgerald, it was recorded at Paramount Studios and was engineered by Barry Conley. For years, Surf music was a part of our live show, so we decided to start including them on our records. These included 'surfin' n Spyin' by the Go-Gos, "Rumble at Waikiki" by Jon and the Nightriders and originals like "Skag Up My Ass". Craig Ryker joined the mix as 2nd guitar, later Jarrod Thornton left which led to us reruiting Ty Smith.

At this time, we took time off from a relentless tour schedule to break in the new guys and write our fifth full-length 'Just Joined', (the weird name was a joke on the new members). Again, recorded at Westbeach, it was produced by Face to Face's Trever Keith and engineered by Donnell Cameron. Its polished production did not take away from the band's message that is put into this record among the best of 1990s punk. Ty joined Guttermouth! but Andy Alvarez joined as full-time drummer after the first leg on the US tour.

In 1998, Archie Comics sent a "cease and desist" letter to Nitro telling them that it was a violation of they're copyrighted artwork and name. When they band returned from tour, they found themselves being served notice to appear in court because they are now being sued for copyright infringement. BASICALLY; we lost the name

In 1999, we released our final album Pearly Gates, not long before the end of the lawsuit. Recorded by Paul Miner at For The Record in Orange, California, it was our good bye letter to friends and fans. We set sail for a last tour in late 2000 and early 2001, throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Reunion (2009-present)

In December 2009, we decided to play a couple shows to celebrate our 20th year. Now we are actually rehearsing and making it a reality! We have no plans except enjoying what we used to consider work. Our new outlook is simple, lets have some of the fun that normal life has taken away and Lets see what happens.